Saturday, July 15, 2006

Zany Zidane

I've been following all the hubbub about Zinedine Zidane, the soccer player who...ahh, well, you know the story. Zidane is apparently a sensitive chap. He probably wouldn't last one second in the NBA, where trash talk is much worse. He would probably be head-butting people left and right. :D Anyway, if you haven't seen the youtube video of people randomly head-butting other people in the street, you should check it out b/c it is hilarious. I also like Conan O'Brien's joke where he said that Zidane learned his sportsmanship from an "angry billy goat." I think that's how we should resolve conflicts from now on. If you disagree with someone, just give him or her a swift head-butt to the chest. Try it at work. ;) I also like how the media always has to mention that Zidane is balding. They might as well call him "chrome dome" while they're at it. Why not "cue-ball"? And I wonder how much of Materazzi's response was genuine and how much was acting. I mean if you patted Materazzi on the shoulder, would he immediately crumple to the ground? ;)