Friday, April 26, 2013

Le Patois

When I lived "in the bush" at my old post, they preferred speaking the local language, which was Bulu.  I would find myself in groups where people rarely spoke French.   Thus, I took it upon myself to learn Bulu.  Here's some sentences I've learned in Bulu:

1)  Ma dji mekala a Mekalat.  I eat beignet in Mekalat.

2)  Wo dji mise mikos.  You eat fish eye.

3)  Akon a kon amu na ake dji kon a akon.  Akon is sick because he ate beans and plantains. 

4)  Ma ke yen etua metua emos Ntewua.  I saw an extraordinary car on Wednesday. 

5)  Monti Minsili asili minsili adjo minsini.  Mr. Minsili was talking about the bicycle. 

After learning simple sentences, I started working on translating short stories.  Here's one about baton de manioc.  I suppose one could title it "Obili bibobolo?  Got Baton?":