Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ear Health and a Concert

Updated 8/31/07

My first exposure to extremely loud music was during a Tears for Fears concert. They had massive speakers and I had ringing in my ears right after the concert and maybe the next day. I later learned that the ringing was symptomatic of tinnitus. I learned more about tinnitus and hearing loss through organizations such as H.E.A.R., which featured ads in a guitar magazine I frequently read:

There's also this article, which explains how hearing loss will likely be more prevalent today than before due to the use of in-ear earphones, loud concerts, etc. As expected, many musicians have suffered some form of hearing loss or tinnitus due to repeated exposure to excessive noise. These musicians include Pete Townshend, Sting, Jeff Beck, Ted Nugent and Mick Fleetwood. This Rolling Stone article lists some ways to prevent hearing loss (e.g. turn down the volume, give your ears a rest after exposure to loud noise).

Speaking of hearing music, I just came back from the Freddie Aguilar concert. It was great to finally hear Aguilar perform live. He sang the classics, of course ("Magdalena", "Ipaglalaban Ko", "Mindanao", "Bulag, Pipi at Bingi", "Anak", "Bayan Ko", "Pinoy", "Kumusta Ka", "Estudyante Blues"). It was pretty cool when he let the crowd sing along to some of his songs. And to hear him sing "Ang Bayan Ko", well, what can I say? Simply amazing.

Aguilar wasn't the only one to perform that night though. Comedian Ella V. and actress/singer Ara Mina performed for about an hour and forty-five minutes as the opening acts. As far as opening acts go, I think Aguilar should've had an up-and-coming Pinoy rock or folk band open up for him. I'm not saying Mina and Ella V. were bad. Mina was ok, I suppose. But I think she knew that the audience wasn't there to see her so she did her best to win them over by going into the audience while she sang a few songs. Gotta give her credit for that. Ella V..... well, what can I say? She basically did raunchy humor. If that's your cup of tea, then you might enjoy her comedy. But I also gotta give her credit for going up there to entertain the audience. Comedy is tough. As the saying goes: dying is easy, comedy is hard.

In addition to the above performers, Aguilar's two sons also performed -- his guitar playing son played two songs while his other son rapped two.... uhhh ... raps(?). His guitar playing son is a pretty good guitar player, but he did a bit too much showboating and posing a la 1980s hair band. Overall, the concert was great, but it would've been nice if Aguilar sang more songs. He only sang for a little over an hour.... a bit bitin, if you ask me. My one suggestion is that there be less of the other performers and more of Aguilar. That's who people paid to see, not the others.

Updated: Below are two (albeit not that great) photos I took during the concert:

Ara Mina goes into the audience and gets swarmed by folks with cameras:
Aguilar performing:


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Da Man, Da Legend

As blogger Duke commented in my last post, singer Freddie Aguilar will indeed be performing his first North American tour this month with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Winnipeg (Canada) and Houston.


The tickets aren't cheap, but this guy is a legend so that's to be expected. In any case, I did buy that "unofficial" Freddie Aguilar mp3 compilation that would probably be more expensive than the concert ticket if I bought that compilation at the non-pirated price. Oops, did I say it was pirated? I meant it looked pirated. hehe. If he has an autograph signing after the show, I wonder if he'll sign my "unofficial" mp3 compilation of his songs. :D

Aguilar will be joined by the Watawat band and special guests Ara Mina and Ella V. (she doesn't use her last name apparently). Mina appears to be some sort of actress and singer while Ella V. is listed as a Viva hot babe (whatever that is). I have no idea who Miss Mina or Ella V. are or why they're on the same bill as Aguilar. To sell tickets maybe? Although I would be surprised if Aguilar really needs them to sell tickets. Anyway, I'm psyched. I'll be going to the show. I wonder if he'll be taking requests during the show. ;)

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