Sunday, October 16, 2011


There has been no electricity at our training site for a few days now. We have a generator at school, but at home, there's no power. Thus, I have had to use a petrol lamp to write a paper:

We got our bikes yesterday though, so now we can get around town more easily.

On a lighter note:

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Quand Il Pleut ...

After a month of French immersion in the city of Ebolowa with 8 other trainees, we joined 45 new trainees to [undisclosed location] for technical training and more French. The difference with the new location is that there are often water shortages here. There's no running water at the house of my host family. I go with my host brother to the well (or forage) and get my drinking water. My host brother tells me that the well is only for drinking. I have gotten used to using 1/2 a bucket of water for bathing and also in using the bucket to 'flush' the toilet. For bathing and flushing the toilet, there is a tank of water outside the house which seems to be filled when it rains. I don't see how they fill this tank though when it doesn't rain. It seems to rain every other day though, so I'm cool for now. So for the moment, when it rains, je suis hereux!