Sunday, June 02, 2013

Ma Nouvelle Maison

I've Moved Houses (Again). After nearly 6 months at my "studio apartment" (essentially a small unit in a bigger house), I moved to another house. I'm now in the Muslim quarter:

It might be a little weird to be moving houses with only about 5 months of service left, but the old house had some problems that were never fixed. It was also a weird location: it was between a prison and a 7th Day Adventist Church.

Anyway, I've moved. Its a bit more posh. For instance, I have running water. Not all the time, but I haven't had to use a well since I moved. I sometimes leave my bucket outside when it rains though. Old habits die hard. I also hear different things in my new neighborhood. At my old place, I would often hear the noise of my neighbor's loud music reverberating against our common wall, making me think I was at a night club. At my new place, I would instead hear the calls to prayer from the nearby mosque:
There's also the pigs right behind the house who make quite a ruckus when being fed in the morning:

A little weird that there's a pigpen in a Muslim quarter.

There's also turkeys nearby:

That's even weirder -- turkeys in Cameroon? I am almost positive turkeys are originally from America.

Well, that's it for now. Signing off from my town where the streets have no name, but where they do have stop signs: