Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gym Membership

My workplace is finally offering a gym membership for a small fee. It was supposed to have been offered months ago, but there was supposedly some haggling over the price. After all was said and done, the fee difference b/w the original price and the haggled price amounted to about a penny. Way to negotiate, guys. LOL Anyway, I'm looking forward to joining a gym b/c I hate to admit it, but I'm sort of vain. For one thing, I don't like having a spare tire for a gut. I'm not exactly fat, but skinny guys like me can still get a spare tire if we don't watch what we eat and don't exercise. Besides, I'm just a month away from having abs like this guy in the photo at left (courtesy of sfgate), football player Jerry Porter. :p The thing about my body type though is that unlike my brothers , who are both just naturally big, I got the gene that makes me naturally skinny. So, I have to eat and work out a lot just to look like my brothers (in other words, not skinny). One of my brothers is in the photo at right. I'm the skinny one. :D

Still, joining a gym has it's other benefits and that other benefit is the use of the swimming pool. Since I've taken up surfing, I probably need to become a better swimmer in case a rogue wave or rip current ("rip tide") drags me far from shore. My problem with swimming is that my calves cramp up pretty quickly. It's probably b/c of not warming up properly or maybe I'm just not as conditioned for swimming as I should be. Either way, its definitely something I need to work on if I'm going to be surfing La Union anytime soon. hang loose! That's the 'hang loose' sign, btw, not the 'call me' sign, at least in this post anyway. ;)