Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meeting My Fellow Bloggers

Verns tagged me to do this meme. Well, she didn't exactly single me out -- she tagged EVERYBODY. hehe. Anyway, this meme involves meeting my fellow bloggers. If I should I ever meet my fellow bloggers, I wonder how it would go. I mean meeting other bloggers can be strange. There's a chance it might not go well. For instance, there might be lots of long, awkward silences. How will you know if the meeting didn't go well? Because they'll probably blog about it. :-D For example, they might say in their blog:

"He's not as tall as I thought he was."
"He kept blabbing on and on and on...."
"Geez, what a weirdo."

I would prefer that bloggers say the following in their blogs if they ever meet me:

"Definitely way better looking in person."
"Even funnier in person."
"His blog doesn't do justice to how great a person he is. More people should be like him. In fact, a cult should be started right now in his honor."
"I laughed. I cried. I would tell all my friends to go see it." Wait a minute, that last one is from a movie review. :-D

Anyway, enough intro, here's the meme:

Who is the first blogger you met?
My sister. hehe. Aside from her, haven't met any bloggers. Although everyone seems to have a blog nowadays so I have probably met bloggers but I just didn't know it. ;-) I did try to meet a blogger once, but.....well, let's not get into that. ;-)

Who is the blogger “you most want to meet”?
Kevin Sites because I like reading blogs by people who are actually on location covering what they blog about. It also takes a lot of courage to do what he does.

Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet, but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Right now? Well, I don't know too many Bay Area bloggers so I guess no one.

Who are the group of bloggers that you most want to meet?
This is a weird question. Group of bloggers? Can I make up my own group? If so, then I would say I would like to meet the bloggers whose blogs I often visit and leave comments on. What an awkward sentence. ;-) These are bloggers who make me laugh and have the same sense of humor as me. Ka-lebol. hehe. I also like reading about their personal stories.

Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you would like to meet right now?
Yes. hehe. Well, you didn't ask who. ;-) But seriously, just see the previous question. :-)

As far as tagging people, I 'm going to add a twist to the tag: I'm tagging everyone who DOESN'T have a blog. So if you don't have a blog, good luck doing the meme. hehe. But seriously, feel free to do this meme if it interests you. :-)

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vernaloo said...

am I on the list? Am I on the list? Darn! there's no list wahahahaha

If we meet, I'm going to annoy and irritate you the whole time. Let's see if you are truly a cool Oh I know you are :)

Thanks for being a sport Wil (darn no list! am I the only one who's gonna have tired fingers from typing ? no fair! hehe)

Alternati said...

Ahahahaha... Start a cult in your honor? ahahahah... Maybe we should do just that.

According to verns, you cheated! hehe

I bet you'd be funnier in person. I think I'm lame in person, you can't delete or underline or put in italics things you say. :P

Wil said...

verns,, ang daya ko talaga, ano? hehe. pero siempre naman you're on the list. Di ba sabe ko bloggers who are funny and whose blogs I always visit/comment on. :-D

alternati, don't forget the smiley faces and "hehe". We'll have to use our actual face for the smileys. :-D It'll be weird to say "hehe" in real life, too. ;-)

Bill Bilig said...

LOL. The questions are kind of repetitive no. Want to meet, like to meet, have met, blogger, group of bloggers he he. Anyways, thanks for this meme I found out about the Kevin site. I also like those who are in location and providing alternative sources of news.

sexy mom said...

it must be interesting for blogger friends to meet in person :)
maybe, the fun will never end!

Wil said...

Bill, yeah, sites is one of the few bloggers who blogged on his own on location and he was eventually picked up by a major news outlet. pretty cool, eh? But of course, he was blogging from war zones, which isn't that easy given that it's a ....well, a war zone. ;-)

sexy mom, one can only hope. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great blog site. So curious about your inability to speak your mom's native dialect or ilokano yet you are well-versed in tagalog and claimed to have grown up in Baguio.
You see, I knew of a family from Besao (place of birth of my late dad), their son was born and raised in Baguio like me, yet never spoke the kankanaey dialect, even now. I'm perflexed! Pls fill me in. By the way, I'm not a blogger, just making comments after venturing in your site. Thanks and goodhealth always.


snglguy said...

Like you said, everyone seems to have a blog nowadays so be careful not to piss anyone you meet, or you might find yourself an unwilling subject of a blog entry... :-D

Wil said...

TruBlue, yes, I claim to be from Baguio....because it's true. ;-) born there and lived there until grade 4. believe it or not, it's possible to live in baguio without ever learning ilocano or the igorot languages. :-D my dad didn't understand ilocano or kankaney and he lived in baguio for 20+ years or so. Tagalog is good enough to get by in Baguio b/c nearly everyone in Baguio understands Tagalog. I guess if we don't have to learn a language, we just use the language we know, namely Tagalog. I suppose if I lived in sagada, then I would have to learn kanakaney b/c tagalog's not as popular there as it is in baguio. Thanks for the compliment about my tagalog, btw. I think you're the only one who has said I'm 'well-versed' in Tagalog. Nahihirapan kasi ako sa tagalog pero magaling ako sa Taglish. :-D

Thanks for dropping by. You don't have a blog? You've been tagged then by this meme. hehe

single, nobody would ever get po'd at me. I'm so innocent kasi. :-D

Anonymous said...

Tried last wk to be a blogger, in fact spent over two hours clicking here, there, everywhere, went nowhere. It's saturated anyway, so I'm content on prowling yours, and bill bilig's and the rest of the cordillera to keep me occupied at night (I'm a hermit). If your mom is from Kilong (by the way my late mader is from tetep-an), she must be familiar with Felix Dontogan. My late mader told me years ago that he was the first one in the KilTepAn area to immigrate to the US.
Bill Prill, a friend of mine here in Baguio knows him personally and said he lives also in N Calif (Fairfield).
Cheers and goodhealth to all...


bw said...

Agree it's dangerous if the blogger you meet says something not nice about you LOL :) That's why it's better to remain anonymous hehe..

Ferdz said...

Haha! you cheated. Hehe.

Anyways, I've met quite a number of bloggers really and it's quite interesting. Lot's of stories to tell than what they say to their blogs. It's cool!

Wil said...

TruBlue, I'll ask my mom if she knows that guy. I've heard of kiltepan and tetepan and I think I've been to those two places. :)

bw, well, they could still say something not nice even if you haven't met them, right? :-D but I doubt any of the bloggers on our respective blog rolls would ever say anything not nice about us. I hope. hehe

ferdz, of course, i want to meet everyone on my blogroll. safe answer, no? hehe. but if i've commented on a blog many times, then there's a good chance I'd like to meet that blogger someday...who knows when? whether they're interested in meeting me is another question. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sir Wil - actually KilTepAn is an acronym of the small towns of Kilong, Tetepan, and Antadao. Pretty sure Sir Felix is from Kilong. Kala ko rin nung una, what the heck is Kiltepan? Goodhealth to all..


Wil said...

TruBlue, ahh, I see. Kagaya ng Luzviminda. :-D Thanks for the info.

vic said...


I visited the Bay Area once (if San Jose is in the Bay Area) and I may pop there anytime, so if you're nearby, maybe we could really know exactly how it is to meet a fellow blogger. I only met one blogger (in person) and that is my niece and of course as soon as she knows I that I knew, her site disappears and I never push the issue, lest she would not want to talk to me anymore. kiddie stuff and she just want her own to interact, especially her former classmates left in Manila.

Wil said...

TruBlue, I mentioned you to my mom and she said: "Anong identity ng blogger na yon? Maybe I know him or her if the mother is from tetep-an. Felix Dontogan is from Kilong.... By the way, it is Enrique Palangdao, also from Kilong who is the first to migrate to the US (first to enter the US navy)." My mom apparently thinks you're a blogger. ;-)

vic,'re looking for bw? His blog is located elsewhere. ;-) But, yes, San Jose is still Bay Area. Just drop me a line if you're in the area and we can grab coffee. :-)

niceheart said...

You know what, as much as I enjoy interacting with bloggers through comments, I also worry about actually meeting any of them. Like what you said, it could be awkward and there could be long moments of silence and they might be expecting something great from me and they'd get disappointed if I don't turn out to be what they expected.

But then again, I've read about bloggers meeting up and having a blast. :)

watson said...

I laughed at the movie review comment!

Couldn't help but read your conversation with TruBlue... as you know I'm also from Baguio but I speak little Ilocano too. My parents migrated to Baguio and we spoke Tagalog at home. My brothers and sisters though learned Ilocano well enough to converse freely... I guess I was stuck with my books too much!

Anonymous said...

Wil - honest, not a blogger. only blog commentator.
Late mom's maiden was Agustina Dam-may. "Everyone has a hero, she was always mine". She was no read, no write and died w/o even writing her own name. But she was a shrewd yet funny businesswoman who sent six of my siblings to college. Only two didn't graduate, me and my younger brod.
To me, if there's anything KilTepAn can be most proud of: most of their non-educated women are soooo industrious. Your mom can attest to that (ur mom is hardworker too even thu she is educated). I'd see them in Poliwes during morning rush hour. They walk so fast
always business-like their eyes focused on the road as if they will step on a land mine.
They don't want to be bothered..
KilTepAn also possess the most unique dialect wherein, you would think a husband and wife are fighting because of hi-pitch war-words but they're not. I luv to listen to their debates. Music to the ears!!! Promise, next time, my comment will one-liner! make that two!! hahaha...


tin-tin said...

so does that mean, i'm included oin the people you wanna meet? hehehe. if you're going to form a group, what would be the common denominator? :)

mari_elle said...

How about going into detail about that blogger you did try to meet. Heehee... The operative word is "try", so does that mean it never pushed through? ^v^

Wil said...

niceheart, true, two sides to everything. I guess we'll never know unless the meetup actually occurs. :)

watson, pareho pala tau. My two sisters can also understand a bit more ilocano and kankaney. The more you immerse yourself in a language, the better you'll understand it, i think.

TruBlue, I'll forward your message to my mom. Who knows? She might've known your late mader. :) Feel free to make long comments. You can also email me if you prefer. :)

Tin, Sure, why not? Couldn't hurt to have coffee. :-D Common denominator is that they're fun to be around. Simple, no? At basta ka-lebol.... :-)

marielle, you want details? comment. hehe. Pero busy daw sya kaya di kami nagkita. I'm not one to force the issue. :-)

Toe said...

Wahahahahaha... I like that... tagging non-bloggers. San nila ilalagay? :)

A cult in your honor???!!!! You're so crazy Wil! :) But if I meet you, I'd definitely check out your abs! :)

Wil said...

Toe, as long as you give my abs a positive review on your blog. hahaha said...

Hey Wil, this is your sister in AK. I'm following your "conversation" w/ True Blue and must say that it's very interesting...Felix Dontogan visited us in Stkn when we lived in Clark Dr but you probably don't remember that. Mom definitely knows the Palangdaos and I think there's some relation to them that I can't recall....I can't believe I'm commenting for the first time on anyone's blog! Do people ever write their real names on these things? Like, who's True Blue? BTW, Janry's family is from Besao, I think.

Wil said...

sis, hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. It's the best way to get a hold of me. hehe. anyway, don't remember the visit from those folks you mentioned.

About real names, lots of bloggers use aliases. there's advantages to it, i suppose. I have no idea who TruBlue is.

Janry's family is from barlig, I believe.

Keep blogging .... err...I mean commenting. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Buti pa yang sis mo wil, hindi forgetful. She reminds me of me..haha.
Ms Reyes, True Blue simply means loyalty to my heritage/culture as an Igorot. Just made it one word w/o the "e" as my alias (TruBlue).
Is your sis in Alaska? If so, have her visit Seward, a town of only 2000 but w/ 22 CHURCHES! Weird but nice place...goodhealth to both...


Wil said...

TruBlue, yup, I don't think my sis in Alaska uses a quarterback wristband. hehe

Anonymous said...

If my plans materializes, might be in the Bay Area this September after attending a wedding in Seattle. Need to get my ducks together and save a lot for this trip (damn stock market!!) Might come face 2 face with a blogger. We shall see...cheers and good easter week to all.


Wil said...

TruBlue, no prob. Just drop me a line when you're in the area. Cheers. :-)

abssss said...

hmm.. i havent met anyone from blogger also. i dunno if i wanted to actually. meeting someone will dimishes all the mystery, and i dont like the idea very much.

Anonymous said...

I've thought of the same Abssss, right after I said that to Wil. Da fun of second guessing won't be there anymore, hehe...but rest assured Wil I'll drop a line when da time comes...cheers man!


Wil said...

absss, yeah, i see what you're saying. but it depends on which blogger. hehe. thanks for dropping by.

TruBlue, if I ever meet you, I'll have to rename this post "Meeting my Fellow Bloggers and Blog Commenters." hehe