Thursday, August 09, 2007

Da Man, Da Legend

As blogger Duke commented in my last post, singer Freddie Aguilar will indeed be performing his first North American tour this month with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Winnipeg (Canada) and Houston.


The tickets aren't cheap, but this guy is a legend so that's to be expected. In any case, I did buy that "unofficial" Freddie Aguilar mp3 compilation that would probably be more expensive than the concert ticket if I bought that compilation at the non-pirated price. Oops, did I say it was pirated? I meant it looked pirated. hehe. If he has an autograph signing after the show, I wonder if he'll sign my "unofficial" mp3 compilation of his songs. :D

Aguilar will be joined by the Watawat band and special guests Ara Mina and Ella V. (she doesn't use her last name apparently). Mina appears to be some sort of actress and singer while Ella V. is listed as a Viva hot babe (whatever that is). I have no idea who Miss Mina or Ella V. are or why they're on the same bill as Aguilar. To sell tickets maybe? Although I would be surprised if Aguilar really needs them to sell tickets. Anyway, I'm psyched. I'll be going to the show. I wonder if he'll be taking requests during the show. ;)

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kayni said...

it's beyond my understanding why is ara mina or ella v. would be joining this concert. i don't see any connection at all. help!

vernaloo said...

some men find them hot but I'm not a man hehehe Ella V is kinda funny so maybe she's gonna do some "goofing around" while Ara Mina will...I dunno what she's going to do. She had this music album before but she doesn't really have a voice IMO.

Anyway I'm not a fan of Freddie Aguilar though I respect the guy and his music...just send my regards to him in case hehehe

Bill Bilig said...

Wow good for you. You're finally going to see your idol. I saw him years ago when he guested in a concert in Tabuk. Nakakatuwa because it was a fund raising concert by the school so they held it during the day kaya prim and proper pa rin mga estudyante.

Ara Mina is an actress known for her sex-themed movies but I think she can also sing and is also into comedy. Don't know much about Ella V but as Vernaloo says I think she's a comedian of some sort. I think they might have been added to attract the men who like to ogle at women.

Richmond said...

My father loves his songs.

Anonymous said...

Tagal u na kc jan sir Wil kaya di u sila kilala...hehehe.


Layad said...

Ara Mina will be one of his guests? Hmmm.. it says a lot of things about the expected audience hehehe... Kinda like, old men who want to ogle sexy babes, would that be it? =)

Honestly, Ka Freddie is a legend on his own, but it seems the producers think he needs added attraction.

tin-tin said...

ara mina and ella v. are not the same level as ka-freddie. hmmm... maybe they're included to target those who wanna watch sexiness or those who do not know ka-freddie anymore

Anonymous said...

I am sure a fan like you would be grinning at the thought of your idol visiting the area :) Freddie Aguilar is quite generous with his repertoire and I'm sure he would offer to sing his all his hits as much as he is given time :) Ara Mina would certainly provide a bit more spark to
the gents in the crowd :)

Wil said...

kayni, i don't see the connection either. The only connection i see is that mina and ella v. are both carbon-based life forms just like aguilar. hehe

verns, I read nga that ella v. is some sort of comedian and mina sings. Well, I'll definitely find out how talented they are. If they're not talented, I will lose respect for Aguilar for including them to his concert. hehe

Bill, had no idea Aguilar had a concert in Tabuk. But a fundraising concert sounds like something Aguilar would do.

If Mina and Ella V. were added just to attract that type of crowd, well, that's pretty lame. ;)

Richmond, your dad has good taste. ;)

Wil said...

FBI, siguro nga. hehe

Regarding your 1st paragraph, I hope not, Layad. Those guys should go elsewhere for that. ;)

Agree with you on your last paragraph. :)

Tin, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Mina can really sing and maybe Ella is really funny.

bw, it's funny how things work out sometimes. I just barely started listening to Aguilar and then Aguilar has his first ever North American tour, all within a short time span. :D

I'm a fan of Aguilar's lesser-known songs instead of his more famous ones, so I hope he sings those, too. :)

bingskee said...

there are songs of mr. freddie aguilar that are good. but i am not a fan. i am not a fan, too, of ara mina and ella v, who are poor performers. bumpers lang ang panlaban ha ha

TruBlue said...

It would have been more fitting just to have his OWN CONCERT and from there, figure out if he is still a BIG attraction. Flip organizers have different ideas and having those two bad performers
along with da man can be anything. Something to make fun off, I guess during intermissions!! Man, used the flip word again, no worry, it's just us. Cheers anyways. Post some pics soon....

D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Ara Mina and Ella V are just there to draw in the DOM crowd. If I was Freddie Aguilar I would be seriously offended by the guest line up of his concert. But organizers need to recoup their investment.

Anyways enjoy the show! What song will you request for, if ever? hehe :)

Gypsy said...

kEnjoy yourself and dont get too homesick! ;)

Alternati said...

We all know how much you love Freddie Aguilar's music... I'm very pscyhed for you! :)

Ara Mina and Ella V. are made popular not for anything they actually did... just some "assets" they have. They are like local versions of Pamela Anderson. hee hee... hence, like Pamela Lee, they have the same role... to be shiny and pretty. (Although I must admit, I sometimes find Ella V's inaneness funny)

I think you should just ask Freddie to sign your guitar or something. I believe he'd nix an "unofficial" compilation of his songs. :P

Wil said...

bingskee, poor performers sila mina and ms. v? hehe. I'll find out, that's for sure. :D

TruBlue, that would indeed be a true test of his popularity.

Thanks, Daphne. :)

That's a good analysis. I didn't think of it from an investor point-of-view. I guess, as an artist, Aguilar sometimes has to do things like tour with those two in order to appease his investors.

Songs I'll request, if ever? hehe. Check my top 25 most-listened-to-songs from my last post. :D

Thanks, Gypsy. Should be fun. :)

Alternati, local versions of Pamela Anderson? Oh, that's too bad.... Anderson isn't very talented kasi. hehehe

The guitar might be a little big to lug around during a concert, but I should probably bring something just in case. :D

Toe said...

Have fun during the show Wil! That must be really exciting... imagine you could watch "Anak" by THE original, considering that so many people all over the world sing that song.

Who are Ara Mina and Ella V? Hahaha... I'm sure you'll enjoy them Wil. ;)

Ferdz said...

Hmmm... I don't think Ka-Freddie would be hapy signing that unofficial compilation of yours. Maybe they're selling something of his merchandise at the venue that he could sign.

Maybe ke-freddie's changing a bit of his image to include Ara and Ella into the show. Well maybe to add some humor and glitz as well

Major Tom said...

I don't think he really needs those starlet.

Yet maybe, his fading glory might not be that appealing anymore to young audiences which he seems to be targetting by getting those women celebrities with him.

niceheart said...

Cool! You get to watch your idol perform live. :) Have fun at the concert!

He's coming to Winnipeg din pala no? I don't think I'm watching, but I'm sure there will be lots of pinoys there. :)

Wil said...

Thanks, Toe. I think it'll be fun. :D Will have to wait and see about the two starlets. hehe

Yeah, I know, Ferdz . I was just kidding about having him sign it. :D

Right now, Freddie's image is that of a songwriter that writes about social issues, love, etc. Adding a pop singer/actress and a comedian just doesn't seem to suit Freddie's image. It would be like having Britney Spears tour with Bob Dylan.

Major Tom, that's possible. But I think guys like Dylan and Johnny Cash or Paul McCartney never had to include "starlets" to their bill. So the fact that Aguilar would do it is puzzling unless he's doing it purely for a financial reasons.... or maybe he really does think that those two "starlets" are talented?

Thanks, niceheart. Yeah, I was surprised Winnipeg was included in the tour dates. I'm guessing there's a sizable Pinoy community up there.

TruBlue said...

Did you know Bob Dylan is the easiest singer to imitate?
Ella V is not a starlet, just a washed out comedianne and the other one is into soft porno trying to parlay her so-called talent as a singer. That's pinoy showbiz, all of them wants to be a singer, even da joker Manny P!

dimaks said...

cordillera, anak and the song about mindanao (if i remember it right) are the most songs i listened from this great singer.

FerriCardia said...

ara mina is a Mathay, related to the Manila politicians...her father was once a congressman of QC...yata! She actually won a Best Actress award here in the PI for Mano Po 1 but if you see the movie, you'll draw the conclusion that the red gown she wore in one of the scenes which is cut sooo low down the back... as in lower than her hipline is what won her the award, and not because of some extraordinary acting talent.

A legend plus some pretty faces? Di nakapagtataka, basta pinoy ang organizer.

I agree with alternati. Just have your guitar autographed na lang, not the pirated cd :)

Wil said...

TruBlue, it is a bit too bad that Dylan seems like a shadow of himself.

Ella V. is washed-up already? I barely even heard of her. heheh. Anyway, like I said previously, I'll give those two the benefit of the doubt.

Dimaks, that song about the cordillera is not on my compilation. I'll have to look out for that one.... the legal version, that is. ;)

Ferricardia, she won Best Actress b/c of a revealing outfit? Well, I guess whoever hands out those awards aren't exactly a prestigious organization. hehehe

But I won't prejudge her b/c she might be a good singer.... and also, I don't want any Manila politicians to go after me. hehe

It would probably look weird if I lugged around my guitar at the concert. People might think I'm performing with Aguilar. :D Anyway, I'm just being presumptuous about an autograph session. I doubt there will be one, but I'll buy a souvenir for him to sign if necessary. ;)