Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vegetarian Food Trip

According to Lonely Planet's latest travel guide for the Philippines, vegetarians will have a hard time in "meat-mad Philippines". I've found that to be generally true. There are some places though where one can find vegetarian food. One such place is Greens, where I had lunch with Bill and his friend Gina Dizon:
Located on Scout Castor Road in Quezon City, Green's is a vegetarian restaurant that has all the typical Filipino dishes. Instead of using meat, however, they use meat-substitutes. For instance, I ordered their sisig dish which was made from tofu, I believe:
It was actually pretty good. Meanwhile, Bill ordered this appetizer of chicharon made from wheat:
Overall, the food at this restaurant was pretty good. I might try it again if I'm ever back in QC.

Another restaurant I tried was Ziggurat located on Makati Ave in Makati. Ziggurat isn't strictly vegetarian but they do have some vegetarian dishes. I figured I oughta check this place out since Lonely Planet recommended it. Another reason to check it out? It was right next to the place where I was staying. hehe. Ziggurat serves Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean and Indian food. Although they have an impressive looking menu with a big selection, not all the dishes listed are necessarily available. For instance, I was going to try the vegetarian moussaka but all they had was the regular moussaka which had beef. Since I've never had moussaka before, I figured I'd give it a try. The dish wasn't bad. The place also had vegetarian shawarma which was ok. The onions were a bit too raw for me.

Overall, the food at Ziggurat was just ok. The location leaves much to be desired especially with a laundromat located nearby that seemed to be spilling some of its water onto the street creating a not-so-aromatic scent. One dish I probably won't try again is their Vegetarian Gluten Curry. My stomach didnt' agree with it shortly after I ate it. I decided to drink green tea to calm my stomach and it seemed to do the trick. Not sure if it was the tea that calmed my stomach, but I wanted to drink a mango shake and I'm sure that the tea was a better option in this case. hehe

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bill bilig said...

Glad you like Greens :-) You should also check out the Bodhi chain of restaurants. It is vegetarian too. They prepare Pinoy food (karekare, meatballs, etc) using vege-meat ("meat" made from flour).

I'm not sure if Bodhi has a main restaurant but you can find them in SM malls.

Layad said...

I tried Bodhi once, and never tried it again hehehe... That pretty much says where I stand. Meat-crazy, maybe? :D

Sis Ganda said she had a relaxing time with u and Sir BB. Sayang that Djin wasn't there ;)

Did u go to Palawan, btw?

carlotta1924 said...

when you come back to manila, you should try halo organic store and cafe over at cubao x (araneta center). large servings at an affordable price. yummy food too =)

Gypsy said...

Hiya Will! Good to be back! :) YOu are right, we pinoys are meat mad, especially those of us from Mindanao! Hehe...Speaking of vegetarian restos--have you ever tried Likha sa Gulod? Its "sort of vegetarian" with fish or seafood as the only meet they serve. Its at UP's Krus na Ligas. I look forward to going there again when I get home! Weee!

Toe said...

Hmmm... Greens is near my house but I don't know where it is. :)

A lot of restos serve very good vegetable sandwiches. The last one I tried was the vegetable panini in Icings at Scout something too. It was really good. :)

Hey, it was great meeting you Wil. We have to do it again... I'll check out some vegetarian places for you. :)

Anonymous said...

but i don't eat veggies.

vernaloo said...

nice food hehe :)cguro mauubos ko talaga yan hehe kidding.

Wil said...

bill, yes, I'm glad we went to Greens that day instead of ziggurat. hehe.

I'll check out Bodhi next time I'm there.

Daphne, oo nga. Too bad that Djin couldn't join us. :D

Di na ako nakapunta sa Palawan. Check my response to Haze from the previous post.

carlotta, thanks for the tip. It was nice to meet you, btw. :D

Wil said...

Welcome back, Gypsy!. Haven't heard of Likha sa Gulod, but I'll check it out next time. :)

Toe, I had to get specific directions myself from Bill to get to Greens. It's at 92 Scout Castor, near the intersections of Morato and Roces.

Yup, definitely great to meet you as well. Let's meet up again .... whenever that may be. :D

prinsesamusang, hmmm .... well, you're in Pinas so there's tons of meat dishes over there. hehe

verns, oh, I know you'd lab it. hehe.

dimaks said...

i am a vege junkie and i eat almost all kinds of them. ok na sa akin ang walang ibang ulam basta may gulay. those restos look worth visiting Will!

Major Tom said...

As I get older, meat-heavy foods seem to make my body complain, making me slower and easy to tire. I think I need to go vegetarian soon... :-)

tin-tin said...

great to have met you wil!

greens is near our place and wanted to try it since last year pa but never got the chance. i don't eat vegetables but i'd like to try it out.

and also ziggurat.. dapat dati, but when we went there walang space. sayang

Wil said...

I definitely recommend Greens, Dimaks. :D

Go for it, Major Tom, and compare the difference. :)

It was great to meet you, too, Tin.

Yes, do try vegetables. They're great. :D

Ziggurat is ok lang, so I don't think you missed much. hehe

Belle said...

it seems like you had a great time in the phil. in the province, maraming veggies dishes made out of coconut cream such as ginataang gabi, ginataang sitaw, and ginataang langka. fresh veggies from the yard makes a good veggie dish when steamed. just add kikkoman memmi sauce, olive oil and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds...sarap talaga!

haze said...

Wow I would like to try that Green Resto seems really a healthy place to hang out rather than staying at MCDO :D. I am glad you are having a grandiose vacay in PI, I am coming too very very soon ;)...Have fun Wil!

Anonymous said...

You bet - Pinas is meat crazy but you know what, you can go to ordinary restaurants and order veggie dishes only - that is if you aren't a real die-hard vegan :)

I know the folks coming from the north like yourself - Ilocanos and Pangasinans dig veggie dishes big time. I love their veggie dishes believe me :)

gina dizon said...

Great place Greens is! Good relaxing place for good lasting conversations. The first and not the last (definitely not) time I went there was with Bill and Will.Great place with good food and good company just made my day! Nice to meet you.

Wil said...

Belle, can't say I've had a lot of veggie dishes with coconut cream, but I'll be on the look out for those dishes. Thanks. :)

Haze, definitely try Greens. And yes, avoid McDo. hehe.

bw, you must be referring to pinakbet. Probably the one dish I'm not too fond of is ampalaya though. hehe

Yes, you can order veggie dishes at regular restaurants, but it's quite an experience to try the meat substitutes. :D

ahehehe, Gina. It was indeed a nice time... good conversation. I'll see you guys again next time at the real artist/writers watering hole of Greens. hehe

caryn said...

chicharon made from wheat huh? really intriguing. i'll look for this when i'm in manila next

Wil said...

caryn, definitely check it out. I have the exact address in my response to Toe. :)