Saturday, September 03, 2011


Its been a time of change for me. For instance, its been a change of location. I've been in Cameroon as a Peace Corps trainee now for about two weeks. We've all been working on our French and are starting to know our way around town. The place reminds me a lot of the Philippines:
View of our house in Ebolowa
Other changes include my Facebook habit. I haven't been on Facebook in more than a month. What's funny is that there's a lot of too-much-information info on Facebook, like people discussing their bowel movements. Yet in the Peace Corps, not a day goes by without someone discussing their bowel movements. Another thing I changed is the number of posts I show on my blog. I decided to remove the really personal and possibly controversial posts from my blog. I may repost them in the future, but I just want to make sure my blog is Peace Corps safe. C'est tous pour maintenant. A bientot!


bw said...

NICE ! Good for you bro. Being with a Peace Coprs is one heck of an experience. Tell us more about it :)

kayni said...

good to hear from you. look forward to more updates.

Ping-i said...

Thanks, bw and kayni!

haze said...

And I hate people posting what they have (branded stuffs etc)! Let's practice our French Wil, grabe galing mo na siguro nya, bilib ako sayo !