Saturday, December 03, 2011

La Fin ...

... du stage (i.e. the end of training). Oh, blog, how I've neglected thee. How can I make it up to you? How about some pictures? Pourquoi pas? Since I last blogged, I visited three more regions in Cameroon. There's the West region where we had some problems with our van sliding into a ditch. Fortunately, no one was hurt:

Western Cameroon

There was also the Northwest region, where it rained a lot:

donc on doit porter un impermeable la.

And finally, there's the South region, which I visited before, but not 'en brusse' (in the bush). I had to take a bush taxi, which a Peace Corps volunteer called a clown car since they stuff so many people in there:

Muddy roads make bush taxis act like bumper cars - Somewhere under all those plantains is my backpack

Aside from the awesome field trips, my training is nearly over. 53 of us trainees will be sworn in as PC volunteers next week. The following day, we will go our separate ways to our posts all over Cameroon. Its a little bittersweet. On the one hand, its a little sad to say goodbye to everyone. We probably won't see each other that much in Cameroon after swearing in. On the other hand, I think we are happy to start the next phase of our Peace Corps career. One thing is for sure: it'll be weird not to be around so many Americans in Cameroon.


haze said...

Hi Wil, am glad you are still blogging, hope I can do that too more often. Eto nagpaparamdam hahaha! Your experience in Cameroon is really great as you could practice your French skills (naku magaling ka ng mag french nyan) and learn their culture. Meeting the local is also a part of good souvenirs.

bw said...

Meery Xmas to you will.. Stay safe and happy :)