Thursday, June 21, 2012

Le Travail

Just to prove that I actually do work at post, here's some photos.

This first one is of a fish farm in Ebolowa that I visited with a farmer from my town. It turns out that the two farmers were related. I guess that's what the Peace Corps is all about -- it brings families together:

This next one shows a tomato farm of Ahmidou, a farmer originally from the Western region of Cameroon.  Although he is of Bamoun origin, he can speak Bulu, the local patois, after many years in the South. I'm hoping to exchange some technical knowledge about farming with him:

This last one is a photo of a village near my town, where I visited a potential site for a water source:

On the way back from the village, we saw a couple of bush meat hunters carrying two dead monkeys. We stopped to talk to them for a while and I pondered taking a picture of them with their kill, but I decided against it.


Bing said...

hello, Ping-i!

i love the new font of your blog. cool!

your job seems like difficult and challenging.

haze said...

Seems a tough job but am sure you're doing great, eto na ebidensya ng mga larawan ;) ! Do they eat monkey there?

Ping-i said...

Thanks, bing! Haze, yes, they do.