Thursday, September 20, 2012

La Malchance

I seem to be having a string of bad luck at my post.  For example, my Kindle keeps freezing every ten minutes.  Its only a year old.  It makes a good paperweight for my hard copy books though:

 My laptop is about 5 years old so this one is not as surprising.  The mouse button stopped working and the wire on the adapter appears to have burned off:


Then I came home one day to find the lock on my front door broken:

I don't think anyone tried to break in.  I think its just not a good quality lock and it might have been damaged when I pulled out the key, not noticing it broke.  Although the lock IS only a few months old.

Of course, I can blame these things on poor quality, planned obsolesence (ahem, Kindle), or bad workmanship.  But I'm going to be like the people in my southern Cameroonian town and just blame it on sorcery (ie black magic or 'mbengbe' in Bulu).


Daphn3 LaurA said...

Sorcery? Now that's a good excuse! Too bad I can't use it to blame for all the strange things that happen vis a vis my electronic gadgets.

Aside from the mal a tete et ton malchance, j'espere que tu est bien la bas en Cameroon.:D

reyesk9 said...

same here! first the laptop, then the ipad, now the wifi ...fortunately, i could just go online and purchase a new mac and return the ipad that just quit before a year old. still holding out on the wifi and hoping it won't completely poop out soon. ugh! as usual, it will take longer to get anything up north.
do you need a powercord replacement sent to you? I may have an extra one here. is that a mac?

Ping-i said...

Bonjour, Daphne. Depuis longue temps, n'est-ce pas? Ça va ici au Cameroun. De temps en temps, les choses me derange, mais parfois, la vie ici va bien. :D

reyesk9, someone from my town repaired the adapter, but thanks for the offer.