Thursday, October 09, 2014

Así Es ...

1)  Mi Nueva Casa -- I finally have my own place for the first time since Cameroon (10 months ago). No more hostels, staying with friends/family, etc. I can now listen to my own music without headphones, cook my own food and drink my morning tea at my leisure.

I guess you can say I've settled down. Well, for several months anyway.

2) El Trabajo -- making some progress with work. Here's a photo in a classroom after one of my presentations or 'charlas' regarding waste management:

3) Como ésta (es?) tu español -- A common question I get from friends/family "back home" is "How's your Spanish?" Aside from occasional difficulties with "ser" and "estar", its good. But there are times when the Panamanian accent is not easy to understand, especially when they are speaking really fast. In that case, my reaction is usually as follows:

4) Otro Día en la Oficina -- this alligator was caught roaming around in the nearby regional capital and was brought into my counterpart organization's office today.

They're going to release it into the wild, away from urban areas.

5) Los Problemas en el Trópico -- Dear mosquitoes, why are you always trying to ruin my experience in the tropics? Yes, I get it. You have evolved throughout the ages to survive, but your method of surviving (biting me) is getting to be quite annoying.

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