Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Caption What?

1)  This!

Or not.

2)  Quote of the Day -- "The Turtle franchise was ridiculous way before Michael Bay got his hands on it.." 

3)  Recommended News Articles By Me -- So ... Google IS evil? and a soccer player gets a 50 year ban for bad behavior.  That's right -- not games, years. 

4)  5 Day Weekend -- I'm usually busy with work, but I have 3 days off because of a national holiday celebrating Panama's independence from Colombia:

5)  Spare Time Activities -- Not really sure what to do with my free time so I decided to think up things I could do in case I have another prolonged weekend:  relearn the guitar, learn meditation, take up a sport (softball?), get my TEFL certificate online, start a small garden in the backyard, research careers in the Philippines.

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