Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Man, A Plan, A Canal …

1) … and an Injured Shoulder -- I injured my shoulder a few weeks back so I had to go to the capital to get it checked out.  Hadn't been there since I arrived in country.  Since I was there, I checked out the Panama Canal with PCRV William:

The Atlantic is that way
A ship heading towards the Pacific
Fans of ships crossing the Canal
The canal isn't just for cargo ships but also
for rich people in their sailboats
2)  Todos Somos Americanos -- Barack habla español.  Well, a couple of sentences.

3)  Anti-Corporate Video of the Day

4)  Christmas Displays in Panama 

Display at my post.  Snowmen in the tropics?  Makes sense.
Display at a mall in the capital
Also in the capital
Product placement much?

This one is also from the capital and has a magi that looks like its from a 1930s racist cartoon:

Of course, none of those displays compare to this one I found while reading the Panamanian newspaper La Prensa online.  Its a display near Chitré, made out of plastic bottles:

 Note to self:  make pilgrimage to visit this display before they take it down.

5)  Se Puede Ser! -- I made the cover of the PCV Panama Newsletter! 

That's me in the top right

I'm holding a tank while a counterpart is using a circular saw to cut open the tank.  We're building an incinerator. 

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