Monday, May 11, 2015

No Excuses

1)  Azuero Fair -- checking out the Azuero Fair with my landlord's family.  We must've walked for 4 hours throughout the fair:

Funny thing about the visit was that although there were many food stands at the fair, we ate at a McDonald's outside the fair. 

2)  Tiny Frogs -- Check out these tiny frogs.  I'm talking 'chiquitita', my new favorite Spanish word.

I assume they're on their way to eventually looking like this:

3)  My Two Centavos -- Pacquiao is a great fighter and its too bad he lost, but Mayweather was right.   No excuses, Pacman.  As someone once said, "Excuses are like _____.  Everyone's got one and they all stink!"

4)  Represent -- Hats I've acquired in Panama.

L-R:  a political party hat I found on the ground, 
a baseball cap of my region's team, my first hat in Panama

5)  Who Needs Gravity Boots?

Shaky video I took of an iguana, my spirit animal

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