Thursday, November 01, 2007

Belated Potter Post

I finished reading book 7 in the Harry Potter series so I can finally read all those Harry Potter posts, (e.g. from Toe and niceheart). And I agree with Vern's comment in Toe's post: ka-korny nga yung last chapter (i.e. the epilogue). hehe. Anyway, what can I say? Galing talaga mag-sulat si Madame Rowling. I'm not really much of a fiction book reader. As I've previously posted, I only listened to books 1-4 of HP and only started reading the HP books when book 5 came out. Like niceheart, I'm also a slow reader. I'm just not one to sit for hours on end just reading. Thus, it'll take me a while to finish a book. I haven't even finished reading Return of the King (book 3 in the Lord of the Rings series)... and I started reading that book a few years ago. haha.

Anyway, I was wondering what it is about the HP books that has made them so captivating for readers worldwide. I have a few theories. One reason: I think it's because people can identify with the characters. I mean who among us can't sympathize with Snape, a guy with a dark past and who ****WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD***** as it turns out is a guy trying to redeem himself... as Potter finally finds out in the end. I was always rooting for Snape and I'm glad that he turned out to be a good guy. I thought it was a nice touch that Harry Potter finally paid tribute to Snape, a guy he previously detested by giving his son the middle name of Severus. Potter must really owe the guy big time though. I mean naming your kid Severus? hehe. Well, at least it's only a middle name. Oh, wait, the first name he gave the kid was Albus. Albus Severus. Poor kid. Good thing the kid's only a fictional character. ;)

Another reason why I think the book has captivated so many readers is because the characters are funny. They don't take themselves too seriously all the time and they can easily crack a joke or two even during dire situations. For example, how about Hermione making fun of Ron because Ron was complaining about how he lost some fingernails while she and Harry were fighting for their lives in Godric's Hollow?
Hermione: "Imagine losing fingernails, Harry! That really puts our suffering into perspective, doesn't it?"
How about Ron literally using the word "effing" on page 307?
Ron: "Yeah, and we're about as near getting rid of it as we are to finding the rest of them -- nowhere effing near, in other words!"
They're so proper, aren't they? They don't even say the whole curse word. haha. I couldn't remember exactly where Ron said "effing" so I typed in "Where does Ron say effing in deathly hallows" in a search engine. hehe. Now, Mrs. Weasley calling Bellatrix a ..... well, that's a different story. hehe. Well, that's my bellatrix... I mean belated Harry Potter post. :D

On a completely unrelated note, here's a song to go out on for the weekend. It's called "San Antonio Rose" as performed by Les Paul and Chet Atkins. :D
Have a nice weekend, people! ;)

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Toe said...

Oh, Lord of the Rings is really difficult reading. I read the trilogy but didn't really understand until I watched the movie. :)

I think that Harry Potter is also popular because people could identify with Harry Potter himself... he is a different kind of hero. He's not exactly good-looking at first with his unruly mop of hair, his scrawniness, his child abuse, his ill-fitting clothes... but he ends up very admirable with his bravery and loyalty to his friends.

I was stuck with Harry Potter from the very first sentence. J.K. Rowling is really a wonderful writer. :)

kayni said...

For a fiction lover like me, Harry Potter takes me to a world where I don't have to deal with the "crap" of the real world. Harry overcomes so many obstacles and it makes me feel good to see good win over evil. In the real world, I wish life is as easy as reading a fiction book. Sorry if I sound a bit negative, it's been a long week sleeping in hotels. I miss my own bed. Have a great weekend too, Wil.

bw said...

I'm not into HP myself - heck I only have one DVD, in fact it may have been the first movie I bought for my daughter hehe :) But yeah I agree that JK Rowling is one heck of an imaginative writer judging from the movie.

Last time I took a vacation in July my 13 year old niece had to queue up for the latest HP book at the local Walmart at the Poconos mountains. She finished reading the book in probably 2 -3 days :) Since most readers are youth, it's probably one reason for sticking with the milder "effing" word hehe :)

The guitar play in the video clip is awesome. This is a rather vintage but classic folk song and I remember it used to be called "The Rose of San Anton" :)

niceheart said...

Oh wow! You finally finished the book. I have re-read the first 4 HP books since finishing #7. I just had the urge to read them and it's quite a different experience reading the first books after you know how it will all turn out in the end.

What I find funny in Deathly Hallows is how Ron had been reading the book on how to charm wizards (he gave a copy of this to Harry on his 17th bday) and how he had been trying to score points with Hermione throughout the story. I actually laughed when they finally kissed in the end, during battle (great timing eh :) ) and Harry said, "OI! There's a war going on here! " I think that was hilarous. :)

One reason I can think of why HP captivated many readers is the age of the characters. They are in high school. What do people refer it to? Coming of age? We've all been through that awkward stage, we can relate to that feeling of angst, confusion, anger, love, etc. Personally, I am drawn to that kind of stories. :)

vernaloo said...

I was bloghopping this weekend using my mobile phone and my fingers were itching to comment to your post right there and then but decided not to or else I'm gonna end up consuming all my prepaid load hehehe

Anyway FINALLYYYYYYYY! after ten years you were able to finish ONE BOOK...goodness gracious hehe I am already reading Book 4 (for the nth time) and you just finished book 7???

It's not that I can relate to Harry that's why I love the book. I don't know exactly why basta I just love it so much.

In Book 7, Ron actually disappointed me. It was the second time he failed Harry. In Book 4, he also did something like that though what he did in the last installment is worst than Book 4. But the lack of self-confidence has always been Ron's weakness. And it's true that he's always been overshadowed by Harry plus the fact that he got 5 brothers who each have their own "strength" or identity but he deals with that. I cried when Dobby died. I think that's the most moving part of the book. My second next favorite "scene" was when Ron finished the horcrux after being tortured (you know hearing all those horrible stuff and seeing the horcrux Harry and Hermione kissed). When Harry told him " I love Hermione as a sister and I'm sure that's how she feels towards me too, nothing more...I thought you know" (or something like that) and then they hugged...I also cried *sniff*..yeah I'm such a cry baby hehe

But Harry really loves Ron...whatta friend! When Ron thinks that the reason why Dumbledore gave him the Deluminator is because Dumbledore knows he's gonna leave his friends, Harry corrected him and said "no, it's because he knows you're going to want to come back (or something like that hehe)

okay this is not my blog so I better shut up...but seriously I'm happy you finished the book already. At least now I'm not gonna hear you skipping my entry because you think I posted some spoilers in between... hehe

Wil said...

Toe, I agree with your assessment of Harry Potter being the unlikely hero. He sort of contrasts with Draco, who appears to be the likely hero with his blonde hair, "pure blood", etc. Even Snape turns out to be the unlikely hero, having odd-looking black hair that's also been called a mop, a hook nose, etc.

Kayni, yes, I had a wonderful weekend. :D Hope you'll sleep in your own bed soon. :)

True, escapism is one reason people read fiction. It's also relaxing to take one's mind off from one's problems every once in a while. :)

bw, i was completely surprised by Rowling's use of "effing", but I also found it really hilarious. hehe

I chose that song b/c it's sort of related to where I was during the weekend. :D

Wil said...

niceheart, yes, I think I remember in book 4 or 5, when Ron and Harry had to look for dates to the ball and they were running out of time. That was pretty funny. hehe. But I wasn't really a big fan of the Cho Chang-Harry Potter romance storyline though. That wasn't as strong as the other storylines.

verns, I didn't know you could bloghop on a cp. cool. :D

true, ron does lack self-confidence, but i think it improved a bit in book 6 when he was able to play very well during the quiditch match, when he thought he took some potion to boost self-confidence that turned out to be fake.

yes, harry is indeed a good friend. we should all have a "harry" in our lives whenever we lack self-confidence. :D

Basta lang maglagay ka ng "spoiler warning" so readers like me and niceheart can read and appreciate your posts much better when we read your post at a later time. ;)

vernaloo said...

ayoko nga! at sinama mo pa si Niceheart hehe

Wil said...

vern, ganun? even though niceheart and I are your blogfriends, you don't want to do a us small favor like placing a spoiler warning? sayang. hehehe

bingskee said...

i only watch harry potter in the movies. why read when you can watch them? but my son and a niece said it is more fun to read because some parts of the story are missing in the movies.

kayni said...

Wil, You've been tagged - you're it.

niceheart said...

Aba, at idinawit pa nga ako ano. :) But no offense, Verns, I do share Wil's sentiments regarding the spoilers. But then again, I do understand that it's a free country, err, I mean it's a free world and bloggers can write freely whatever they want to write without any warning or whatsoever. So oks lang.

Peace, verns. :)

TruBlue said...

Naks, time pa yata ni lapu-lapu at ni magellan ang San Antonio Rose. I can imagine you Wil, doing the two step dance.
Hairy Putter, watched only one series, can't remember which one but I like Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading HP books when my colleagues always spoiled it to me whenever they'd see me reading one.

I'd rather enjoy it as a movie.

Wil said...

bingskee, you got it. usually, the book is better than the movie. :)

kayni, thanks. will work on it. :D

niceheart, well, almost a free world. some countries censor blogs unfortunately (e.g. political dissidents).

TruBlue, well, I was originally going to post Junior Brown's "Long Walk Back to San Antone", but the song isn't appropriate regarding why i was in San Antonio. hehe

Jeff, so there are spoilers in your life, too, huh? hehehe.

Thanks for the visit. :)