Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye and Hello

Like Lazarus, I'm also trimming my blogroll by removing some blogs. I have to say goodbye to some of these blogs for one reason or another. Some of my reasons are reflected by Lazarus' reasons. Gotta make the blogroll leaner. hmmm.... maybe I should just make my blog like Ferdz's blog.... meaning no blogroll. That would make my blogroll really lean. hehe.

Anyway, although I'm saying goodbye to some of those bloggers on my blogroll by removing them (**sniff .... wipes tear from eye**hehe), I'm saying hello to other bloggers on my blogroll by meeting them... in real life ... as in EBs. :D The opportunity to meet some of my fellow bloggers happened last month during my trip to the Philippines. The first one I met was Verna, one of the coolest bloggers in the blogosphere. Here's a photo of my EB with her at Greenbelt in Makati:
I look like I just ate bad clams or something. hehe. Anyway, Verna is just as cool and friendly in person as she is on her blog. It wasn't hard to figure out why she's one of the more popular bloggers out there.

In Baguio, I then met bloggers Bill and Jean. Here's the three of us at a cafe on Session Road in Baguio:

Bill prefers to remain anonymous, hence the cropped photo, but that's really him wearing the red jacket. Jean joked that all three of us should've held our EB at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant. hehe.

The last blogger I met was my Manang Chyt. Actually, we've met before since she's family and we sometimes see each other at gatherings, but we never really communicated with each other until we started blogging. Funny, eh? :D She gave me a few CDs of the Pinoy band, Asin. Thanks, Manang! :) She told me that I should have Pinoy music other than Freddie Aguilar. In my defense, I do have some Binhi songs. ;)

So there you have it -- four cool bloggers I met last month. Meeting my fellow bloggers was definitely cool. I really enjoyed it. Who'd have thought that if it weren't for blogging, we'd all just be going about our lives not even aware of each other's existence?

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Djin a.k.a FBI said...

Really?You're gonna remove them?Oh, well that's your choice;-). that's where you used that 'umiiyak effect'..hehe..ok naman siya (hanep sa kadramahan..lolz).
Thanks to the electronic world, kakailiyans who are world's apart can meet and even meet in person. It was nice meeting you in person kuya manong. Thanks!

D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Heh I dont have a blogroll either on my blog :D

Ah you and Verns had a date pala ha, ooops I meant EB. You both look good in the pix ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmm....cute niyo naman together ni ms. vernz...wehehe


Gypsy said...

So you met up with the famous Verns and fell helplessly for her charms I am sure!! Hehe...;) Oops, forgot to check if I am still in your blogroll...hope my head didn't roll...hehe.

Wil said...

Jean, yup, I already removed them from my blogroll. Anyway, some of them don't even blog anymore so it was time to let them go.

Nice meeting you as well. :)

Cute ba kami? uhh.... ok. hehe

DAphne, that's the advantage of not having a blogroll -- you don't have to worry about something you don't have. hehe

Thanks for the compliment. hehe

Gypsy, ganun ba? hehe.

Siempre you're still on the blogroll. Binabasa ko naman ang blog mo e. :)

Bill Bilig said...

Oy bagay sila hehe. Nice meeting you Wil. And thanks for cropping the pic.

Layad said...

Too bad naman Wil! It was the chance of a lifetime to see how Sir BB looked like and then you cropped the picture (huhuhu... akala mo ikaw lang may drama effect! hehe..)

I'm sure you had a good time at Mr Donut (I could see the sign there ehehehe...) with Sir BB and Djin.

Yeah, you do look good with Djin, ay este, Verns pala. (Intriga na to!=)) Thanks for sharing.

Djin a.k.a FBI said...

Ate Layad..nasa Volante kami ijay Session Rd. background lang ajay Mr. Donut jay likod mi..wehehe. Don't worry, you will soon meet sir BB when you get home. Remember, he has yet to treat you with brewed coffee w/ sagkik?wehehe...ooops...sorry di ko pala blog ito..dami ko na nasabi...hehehe. Mas maymayat met nga pair ni manong Wil ken Ms. Vernz a..they luk good together..ehem!(tigil na ako..baka alisin din ako sa blogroll..peace kuya;-) )

bw said...

I did trim my blogroll too, esp those inactive ones.

Hey, nice to hear that you had an eyeball meeting with some bloggers. And you did manage to hook up with quite a few of them ! You're good with time management hehe :)

Verns said...

ayayay!!! hehehe intriga galore! hahaha

anyway it was a pleasure meeting you Wil...sorry for being fashionably late though haha :)

Wil said...

Ikaw rin ba, Bill? hehe. Nice meeting you, too. :D And no problem regarding the cropping.

Layad, well, if you must know, Sir Bill looks just like Sam Milby. hehe

Hala! Naging matchmakers kaung lahat. LOL

Jean, no worries. Jan ka pa rin sa blogroll. ;)

bw, it helped that I had 3 weeks of vacation, that's why. Also, if two people really want to do an EB, they would find ways to overcome obstacles like busy schedules and the like. ;)

verns, ah, no problem. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. :D hala, baka ma-intriga uli ang mga commenters. LOL

Djin a.k.a FBI said...

wheew!bagay kayo nga talaga manong!wehehe.

nakupo!ei,manong wil, sika nga talaga a...naku sam milby ka jan!mas gwapo si sir BB dun noh?hehe...affected?har harhar....

alis na ako..huhu..hehe...hala ano ba yan...

Toe said...

Hehe... Daphne is right ha... nag-date... este, EB pala kayo ni Verns. ;) Oooops... gotta go... will have to check your blogroll. :)

haze said...

I have already deleted some inactive blogs but I will not delete my blogroll, they are important ! I even have links in my roll that I am not part of their link...pero link ko pa rin sila it's a personal choice :D !

Oiiiyyyy, meron loveteam na nabubuo dito ! Love is in the air Everywhere I look around. Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound LOL !

dimaks said...

thats what i call blog rolling hehe..

watson said...

Wow Wil. Buti ka pa, you've met some of the Baguio bloggers. Ako, kahit madalas ako dun, wala pa akong namimeet. I guess it has to be set-up, huh? Anyways, kung meron ulit, baka pwede sumabit. :-)

Wil said...

Jean, tama ka jan. talo si sam milby. ;)

Toe, no worries. I would be crazy to remove you from the blogroll. ;)

oo nga. eb yun. very innocent ang meeting. hehe

haze, I also have blogs who do not link to me. I still enjoy reading their blogs so I keep them in the blogroll.

Naku! The L-word ka ha? hehe

dimaks, tama ka jan. blogrolling (of heads) nga. hehe

Nick, sure sure. The more the merrier. I'll let you know when I'm back in town. ;)

bingskee said...

wowww.. wil and verns.. what a couple he he

'neweiz, i dont have blogroll exactly but three pages that contains the name and the links. though some are inactive, i prefer not to delete them. i dunno, i wanted to visit them still when time allows and read the old posts. it's really nice to read them once in a while.

Ferdz said...

Wil and Vernns... pangalan pa lang bagay na. Hihi!

La akong blogrooll pero I have all the blogs I visit at my browser's bookmarks.

Bill Bilig said...

Heh, di naman me kamukha ni Sam Milby. More like the late Paquito Diaz pa siguro. Or si Cachupoy (buhay pa ba ito?) hehe.

Agree ako kay ferdz na sa pangalan pa lang ay bagay yung Wil and Verns :-)

Bill Bilig said...

Pahabol: Hi Layad, Yup bagay din ang Djin/Jean at Wil :-)

Wil said...

Bingskee, tingin mo? ;)

Yeah, I suppose some of the old posts of inactive bloggers are worth rereading. :)

Ferdz, bookmarks are good, too. :)

Naku, Bill. Sino ang mga actors na yan? 1950s or 1960s ba? You have to reference contemporary actors naman. LOL

Masbagay yata ang Bill and Jean. hehe

Djin a.k.a FBI said...

Haynaku sir BB!wen ladtan...madim kayat, younger version..wehehe.

Enyan,ta pati syak ipares da ken sir Wil?harharhar...churi wrong match!

sir Wil?ibalik ba naman intriga?d bagay...churi, churi.hehehe.

tin-tin said...

unfair! why didn't we meet? :(

Wil said...

Jean, hehe. joke lang. ;)

Tin, naku! Ganun ba? I had no idea I was in such demand. hehe. Let's meet next time I'm there. Promise. :)

Bill Bilig said...

Sino ang mga actors na yan? 1950s or 1960s ba? You have to reference contemporary actors naman.

Can't thing of younger ones eh. Think of kontrabidas na lang who die in the first five minutes of a movie hehe.

Mon said...


watson said...

By the way, I'm happy to see that I'm still on your blogroll! :-)

Add kita sa Baguio bloggers list ko sa

Wil said...

Bill, a kontrabida is a bad guy in movies, right? hmmm.... siguro bagay sau. hehe

Mon, so I take it you're an admirer... I mean fan of Verna. ;)

Nick, no worries.

Thanks for the add. :)

Layad said...

Ahahahaha.. Ano ba yan? Pati si Sir BB at Jean pala e pwedeng imatch! Thanks for the tip, Wil.

Asus, Wil at Verns forever na! Hehehehe...

Wil said...

Layad, you're welcome. Galing ko maging matchmaker, ano? hehe

Forever na ba? hehe

Djin said...

Naku sir Wil, alin ang forevr? Wil & Verns for life? Sure why not? Ate Verns what do you have to say about it?hehe...

Manang Layad, adi bagay Bill & Jean...harharhar.

Wil said...

Jean, sige, tanongin mo sa kanya. hehe.